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Online Curriculum

Bay Link - a web-based curriculum resource featuring SOL correlated lesson plans, links to relevant oceanography sites, dynamic data, and local resource information from area museums and nautical institutions.

Economics On-line - a complete 10-week multimedia, interdisciplinary curriculum unit that satisfies Virginia Social Science Standards of Learning 7.6, 7.7 and 7.10. It also satisfies portions of the Computer/Technology Standards of Learning 8.1 and 8.2. Each lesson allows for the incorporation of technology through Internet access, computer-generated games and simulations. The unit includes several learning environments. Power Point Presentations adapted to the lessons create opportunities for students to learn through different presentation styles. Varied evaluation techniques provide assessment tools, such as political cartoon analysis, debates and on-line simulations.

Look in the Mythic Mirror - a 10-week curriculum unit for grades 6-8, integrating concepts, materials and content from language arts, music and visual arts. WHRO developed this unit and its lesson plans with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts using the national standards in English/Language Arts, Music and Visual Arts. Students search the Internet to find art and music materials for their presentations, and as a communications tool to share information with other classes.

Magic - the integration of Art, Music and the Internet, is an innovative, standards-based, art and technology program where students create various art "exhibits" after listening to original, contemporary music compositions dedicated to a local, non-profit organizations. The lesson plans, provided by WHRO, include extensions into other subject areas such as English, Social Science, and Science. The students' artwork becomes part of an Internet Art Exhibit, and is displayed during a live multimedia concert broadcast worldwide over the Internet.

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