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Hot Spots For Kids

Learn more about your favorite television programs and visit other great web-only sites where fun and learning really click!

PBS Kids (all ages)

PBS Kids Go! (for older kids)

Don’t Buy It: Get Media Smart  is a media literacy Web site that encourages you to think critically about media and become smart consumers.  Activities on the site are designed to provide you with some of the skills and knowledge needed to question, analyze, interpret and evaluate media messages.

It’s My Life deals with (you guessed it!) life and the stuff that we deal with every day.  Whatever problem you're dealing with, believe it or not, other kids and teens have gone through the same thing.  You can read informative articles, share your stories, play games and activities, take quizzes and polls, watch video clips of other kids talking about their feelings and experiences, get advice from older kids and experts, and contribute your own comments and questions.  You’ll also find interviews with celebrities about stuff they had to go through when they were kids.

Backyard Jungle is a sophisticated, free, kid-friendly website where kids from around the world can load photos, drawings, and descriptions about the natural surroundings where they live, their "backyard."  You can manage and map your own information, share it with other people who visit the website, and visit and comment on the backyards of other kids as well.  With other kids worldwide you can explore and answer the question, "What's out there?"  Kids load all the content (information, photos, and drawings) on the website is loaded by themselves.

The Plastic Fork Diaries
Follow six middle school students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition and athletic performance.