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Virtual Virginia - Online AP Courses For Students

Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia is a program of the Virginia Department of Education supported through a contract with WHRO. It offers online AP®, world language, and elective courses to more than 3,000 students across the Commonwealth and nation. Each course contains video segments, audio clips, interactivity, whiteboard and online discussions as well as text. E-Teachers are available for telephone conversations with students throughout the school day. Virtual Virginia classes offer a rich multimedia learning environment that appeals to a variety of learning styles. Virtual Virginia courses can be scheduled flexibly throughout the day, as courses do not have to be taken in 'real' time.

Students in middle and high schools who meet the prerequisites may enroll through their schools. The deadline for registering students is the end of the first week of school for your district. The deadline for spring semester 4X4 block courses is the first week of the spring semester. Our course catalog, required resources, registration, and much more can be located at the Virtual Virginia website,




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Art History ONLINE

Calculus ONLINE

Chinese 2 ONLINE


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For more information visit the Virtual Virginia website.