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Leadership 2.0 Course Series For Administrators

Wrestling with issues related to educational technology in your school? WonderingSave $100 how you provide the necessary leadership to see that technology is used effectively in the classroom and efficiently in the central office? This series of courses, developed around the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators, is designed to help school administrators explore the issues related to educational technology and their important role as the educational leader of the school.

Become a more technologically aware administrator who:

  • works with faculty to integrate technology effectively & efficiently in the classroom
  • uses technology to support his own professional learning and productivity
  • uses technology to collect & analyze data to support school improvement efforts

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Leadership 2.0 Course Series
Titles, Descriptions & Dates
Principal 2.0: The Big Picture – 10 Hours/5 Weeks

Digital natives, social networking, the flat world: what do these things mean for 21st century educators? This course will introduce these concepts in the context of instructional leadership. Participants will learn strategies for assessing their own progress and that of their schools. They will develop methods for bringing these concepts to their faculties.

C.I.I. Anytime Anywhere Online Syllabus
AKTECH107.105 Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge Course
Facilitator: Karen Richardson                
Mon, 2/21/11 to Sun, 3/27/11 / Any

Principal 2.0: Harnessing the Tools for Professional Learning –
10 Hours/5 Weeks

One of the technology standards for administrators that often gets overlooked is that of professional productivity. Web-based tools can support this productivity as they promote effective and efficient use of information. Participants will be introduced to several different tools including weblogs, wikis, and aggregators and learn how to use them to support both their own work and to support collaboration amongst administrators, faculty, and staff.

C.I.I. Anytime Anywhere Online Syllabus
AKTECH108.103 Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge Course
Facilitator: Chris O'Neal                 
Date/Time: Mon, 4/4/11 to Sun, 5/8/11 / Any

Principal 2.0: Encouraging and Evaluating Instructional Technology Use –
10 Hours/5 Weeks

As the instructional leader of the school, the principal plays an essential role in the use of instructional technology. Participants will be introduced to different models related to the integration of technology. They will use these models to assess classroom uses of technology and learn strategies for encouraging that use.

C.I.I. Anytime Anywhere Online Syllabus
AKTECH109.102 Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge Course
Facilitator: Karen Richardson                
Date/Time:  Mon, 5/23/11 to Sun, 6/26/11 / Any

Principal 2.0: More than Counting: Using Data Effectively –
10 Hours/5 Weeks

Data is about much more than stanines and percentiles. It’s about making wise decisions when we’re faced with tough calls. In order to maximize funds, time, and teacher’s efforts, it’s important that principals understand the big picture of data driven decision making. Participants will look at data from the student achievement standpoint, but from the big picture of leading school culture as well.

Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge Online Syllabus
AKTECH110.102 Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge course
Facilitator:  Chris O'Neal
Date/Time: Mon, 7/11/11 to Sun, 8/14/11 / Any

Principal 2.0: Professional Development That Gets Results –
10 Hours/5 Weeks

Delivering effective professional development is more than just designing an interesting workshop. Participants in this workshop will learn how to apply the National Staff Development Standards to design and deliver professional development.

Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge Online Syllabus
AKTECH111.102 Virginia's Community of Anytime Knowledge course
Facilitator:  Karen Richardson
Date/Time: Mon, 9/19/11 to Sun, 10/23/11 / Any

Leadership 2.0 Course Series
Series Cost

Regular Course Price - $119 per course
Total - $595 for all 5 courses
Package Price - $495 for all 5 courses
Refund Policy: The learner must drop the series a week prior to start date of the first course (February 14, 2011) of the series to receive a refund for the full price (100%) paid for the series. NO REFUND request will be granted after this date. The learner must submit a refund request to or 866-559-2353 to receive a refund.

Leadership 2.0 Course Series
Registration Information

To register for Leadership 2.0 Course Series go to
1. Click “browse the public catalog” and accept Terms and Conditions.
2. Click on the Course Catalog Tab.
3. To find the course series type “Leadership 2.0 Course Series” in the Course Code or Title section.
4. Once the course series opens click on the Request Enrollment icon. You will be asked what type of credit you want. You will need to know if you are a C.I.I. Member, C.I.I. Service Participant or a Non-Member. Go to to see if your school is or school division is listed.
5. Next you will create a profile. If you already have an account click on the “I have a profile” link and log in.
If you do not have a profile follow these steps to create one:

*User ID: birth date (MMDD) + last 4 digits of SSN - (example-12141234)
*PIN: last four digits of home telephone (or cell) - (example - 1234)
*Tip/Note: When trying to select your location, the listing is of division/school. Type in the first letter of your division, and then scroll down to the appropriate school within your division. Private Schools are listed as Independent for the division.

6. Please pay within the online registration system through PayPal (allows you to pay by Credit Card as well). Once you have registered for the course, a PayPal button will appear. The cost of the series is $495.

If you have any problems or questions about your registration please contact us at: or 866.559.2353

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Virginia’s Community of Anytime Knowledge a newly minted partnership betweenVirginia Public Broadcasting Station WHRO and the Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE). Designed to bring you the latest and greatest in high quality, on-going, easy-to-access, online, technology integration training, Virginia’s Community of Anytime Knowledge builds on decades of VAPBS and VSTE teacher training experience and already features nearly 150 courses from Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine as well as dozens of other locally developed, high need courses and leading edge digital content created just for you. Courses will be offered in units of 5, 10, 15, 30, and 45 hours, all online offering Anytime Knowledge.

This unique collection of resources provides “one-stop shopping” for online professional development activities available to educators in the Commonwealth and enables you to stay on top of the latest trends, tap the best practices, and earn recertification points and graduate credit right from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Most importantly, Virginia’s Community of Anytime Knowledge is a 21st century teaching and learning tool that can help you strengthen your students’ academic skills and meet Virginia’s standards of learning. Our resources continue to grow and respond to state-of-the art, need-it-now professional development needs.

Virginia’s Community of Anytime Knowledge is online learning at its best. Thousands of Virginia teachers have already taken at least one of our courses over the last year. Why not take one yourself?

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Leadership 2.0 Course Series

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