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Teacher Inspired By The Online Methodology Course

Kristine Mitchell
5th Grade Teacher
Star of the Sea School

Star of the SeaOne of the great things about being a teacher is that you can borrow ideas from others and apply them in new ways to benefit your students. I had taken the Online Teaching Methodology Course through CII over the summer and had come out of it inspired to create my own version of an online class for my 5th graders at Star of the Sea School. Oftentimes when my students are working on projects in the computer lab, I have some that finish earlier than others and want to play on Funbrain or such. I needed something to cover those “down periods” between projects so we could all be on the same page whenever we start each new project in Computers. My solution was to take our theme, regions of the USA, and create an interactive, self-paced learning activity that integrates the use of Wikispaces, Quia, and other websites and technologies. I am already pleased with the results and am planning new ones for the next two trimesters.

SOSregions Wiki


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Course is currently covered by E2T2 Grant Funding.
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