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August 29– September 1, 2005
From the WHRO Center for Regional Citizenship

Monday, August 29

This week we revisit a series by the WHRO Center for Regional Citizenship examining what it means to be a citizen of Hampton Roads. Today, we talk with Jim Oliver, City Manager of Portsmouth, Dana Dickens, President of the Hampton Roads Partnership and former Mayor of Suffolk, and Art Collins, Executive Director of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. Cathy also talks with WHRO President and CEO Joe Widoff about the Center and what it hopes to accomplish in the coming months. 

Tuesday, August 30

In the second of a series by the WHRO Center for Regional Citizenship, we take a look at the importance of being a citizen of Hampton Roads and how it affects our daily lives. We talk with Suzanne Morse, Executive Director of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, Jim Koch, Professor of Economics and former President of Old Dominion University, and Thaylor McCormick, Executive Director of For Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization assisting homeless families.

Wednesday, August 31

In the third of a series by the WHRO Center for Regional Citizenship, we take a look at areas where regional thinking has produced successful, tangible results in Hampton Roads. We talk with Sheriff BJ Roberts of the Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority, John Hadfield, Executive Director of the Southeaster Public Service Authority, Donnie Wheeler, General Manager of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Jones Hooks, President and CEO of the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, and Leon Hughes, Executive Director of the Governor’s School for the Arts, about the challenges, solutions, and lessons drawn from their experiences.

Thursday, September 1

In the fourth of a series by the WHRO Center for Regional Citizenship, we take a look back at what we’ve learned in the course of our conversations, discuss ways to strengthen citizenship and civic participation in Hampton Roads, and identify areas that could benefit from increased cooperation. Join us as we talk with Editors Dennis Hartig of The Virginian Pilot and Jesse Todd of the Daily Press about how to get started in improving Regional Citizenship.